3 Most Common Online Dating Scams and How to Avoid Them

3 Most Common Online Dating Scams and How to Avoid ThemOnline dating has been the newest trend of meeting an interesting person in this modern era. With the millions of members around the globe, one will surely find not just one but numerous matches that would make online dating fun and exciting. Some would find real friends, some would resort to marriage, and there are some who are unfortunate to meet scammers and con artists.

Victims of scams and fraud are increasing and part of it is coming through online dating. Most people who indulge themselves in online dating would probably be searching for people to socialize, love, and the least is to be heartbroken but being scammed is the worst case scenario. Everyone must be fully aware that this is happening and everyone could be a victim. Here are the most common three online dating scams and how to avoid them.

One mode of a scam involves re-shipping or shipment of some goods to your address. Thieves would purchase products on the internet using stolen or counterfeited credit cards. For them not to be tracked down by authorities, they will send it into somebody’s address. To gather friends or individuals whom they can pull off trust, these evil-doers will join online dating sites. Since there are numerous free dating sites, they can easily register and have lots of opportunities to mingle and befriend different people. Once the friendship or love affair is settled, they will ask you to receive a shipment to be sent to your address. They will get the products to your address if the authorities haven’t tracked down their activities. The worst thing is, if the authorities caught them, you will be identified as part of the crime. Avoid giving address to people you do not know especially in online dating sites. Raise your suspicion once a person asked for it in your initial or subsequent communication.

Scammers can directly steal money to their victims in various ways. They usually make situations that they are in dire need of money that nobody can help them right away except you. Situations may range from house caught in fire, medical emergencies, bail, etc. They will lure you to their sad stories until you give up and send them some bucks. These scammers can do their thing because there is no regulation in the membership in some online dating sites. They will hide their identity and use false descriptions about themselves. Do not let your guard down and always be alert in dealing with people through online. Avoid communicating to a person once the subject involves sending money to them.

Pictures of highly attractive individuals are used to get your attention. Humans are usually much attentive to those who have pretty and lovable faces. However, sometimes these are used in online dating sites to entice and have an affair to you in a shortest time possible. Scammers will do everything to get your trust and this is one of their ways to get one easily. They will get your money through some favors or sad situations and even worst subject you on their sexual assaults. Be cautious of these profiles. Trust your gut feeling, and if it says that it is too good to be true, follow it and stop communicating with these people.

Online dating sites may have some or many scammers. The only thing that you can do is to join to the trusted ones like MatchMaker. This site has good reviews and has no reports of scams or whatsoever. Start to find your match and it can be the guide to your way to your soul mate!

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