5 Golden Rules of Online Dating For Men

5 Golden Rules of Online Dating For MenThere are too many men in an online dating site yet many women online members claim that they can’t find a man. This makes other people think that online dating is just a mere waste of time. Moreover, the reports are only covering about the bad results linked to online dating and there are only few to none that talk about the positive or successful ones. These things would inject fear to every woman who engages to online dating and would most likely be contented to chat but not open with meeting you offline. Personal or face to face interaction is one of the most effective ways to get to know your prospect partner but how would you be able to do it if a negative notion is already in her mind? Here are five golden rules of online dating for men.

Honesty is the best policy.  You have to invest hard on this when you decide to find love in online dating. Avoid including decorative adjectives about yourself. Cut that crap because women won’t buy it. A woman has a very strong instinct and once you are caught lying you’ll ruin everything you’ve started even if you’ve been communicating for quite a long time. Just indicate the truth about you and sooner or later you’ll find a match that would love you of who you are. Isn’t it nice rather than be admired with your pretentions?

Upload a genuine photo. Provide photos with different background because it is just like you don’t want her to listen to a monotonous song.  If you’ve travelled to different add them up. Full body shots are more preferable than head shots. If you’ve dated someone before, did she just look into your head or face? Of course you have to show off your whole physicality.

Maintain a normal pace. Avoid appearing to be like always in a rush. That will scare off your date and would tag you as being desperate and the likes and would eventually stop your communication. Before anything else, you have to pursue her trust by going for a real friendship. It will eventually lessen her fear of meeting you personally.

Allow her to bring a friend during your first offline date. This will make her think that you are acknowledging her feelings about strangers and you are considering her safety. Let her choose a place that she’s comfortable and familiar. You’ll definitely have a good shot of having a next offline date if you do this.

Select the members that you wanted to pursue. There are a lot of time-wasters all over the internet. They will just tease you and give false assurance about having a deeper relationship. Be sure that you’re prospect partner is also looking for a serious relationship and did not join online dating as a pastime activity.

Online dating can progress beyond exchanging emails or calls to an actual personal interaction. You’ll eventually have it once you follow the five golden rules of online dating for men mentioned above. Have fun yet serious online dating.

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