Determining When to Lie and Not to Lie on Your Online Dating Profile

Determining When to Lie and Not to Lie on Your Online Dating ProfileIn online dating, you have to think like a product along with various brands. You have to come up with ways to bring customers and patronize you. Of course you have to be in an attractive packaging along with enticing phrases that would give you an edge to the other products. We all know that there are products that put exaggerated descriptions and that applies in online dating as well. There are profiles that are intentionally fabricated to draw attention. That is why there’s always temptation to lie in your online dating profile. Below are instances when to lie and not to lie on your online dating profile.

Assess if you can stand a lie. Definitely it’s not good to lie but there are instances that it is better to lie than to tell the truth or what they call “white lies”. There are lies than can bring harm and there are some that do not. There are some that cannot be undone and there are some that are bearable. It is like some kind of differentiation of lies and how you can take it. There are online members that are too honest with their profile that they came into a point that they reveal to much personal details. This information is what identity thieves are looking for and you can be an easy target if you deliberately expose your personal information.

Lying about age. This is commonly done by women but men are not exempted. It is tempting to lie about it when you are older and if your physicality doesn’t coincide with your age. Besides, age is just a numerical representation of your existence. What really matters is how you look and feel. It will bring a lot of trouble if you lie about age and post old photos. It is acceptable and most men are ok with it if you lie about age and post current pictures that would somehow justify your dishonesty. However, make sure to reveal the truth prior to your first offline meeting.

Lying about looks. Men are most likely dishonest with their height and women to their weight. It’s better for men to reveal their true height because women are very particular about it and wouldn’t exchange it to great looks or sense of humor. Likewise, men are also particular with a woman’s weight. Walkouts are very common in men when they found out that their online prospect partner deceived them about it. A good personality or an attractive face won’t suffice for men. That is why women that post pictures from-the-neck-up would less likely receive emails.

Lying about location. Sometimes this is acceptable due to some security reasons. You have to protect yourself and the people living with you as well. There are robbery and murder cases happening because this information is disclosed in online dating sites. Online members wouldn’t give heavy emphasis about specific location because they will not reveal theirs as well.

Indeed, there are situations or instances in online dating that call for you to be dishonest. However, you can undo it if needed be, but be sure that it doesn’t harm you as well.

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