Online Dating First Message – Dos and Don’ts

Online Dating First Message - Dos and Don’tsThere are online daters that feel high level of pressure when making their online dating first message and it can be much higher for beginners. Making one could be really difficult if you do not know what to include in your message. Since it is your first way to let the person know that you are interested with him or her, you have to make your best shot. It is on the first message that will make or break your communication lines. In here, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of every online dating first message.

Read the profile of your prospect partner properly. Before drafting your first online message, you must know to whom you are going to send the message. There are people that will just send a message because they are attracted with their prospects photograph.

Create a message that shows sincere interest. Tell your prospect what grabs your attention that made you send a message and you are looking forward of going on a date. Present yourself a little bit. Do not send a message that contains too much about you and if you do this do not expect that someone will respond to you.

Keep your first message short and sweet. Two paragraphs will already suffice. Do not state same thoughts all over again. Include words that you typically use with your “puppy love” but be creative in presenting them. Women loves smart men, maintain your wit in your message but add some humor to keep it light.

Make it personal and casual. The receiver will feel that he or she is somewhat special if they receive personalized messages. Moreover, do it on a casual manner as if you are talking in front of him or her. End the message with some few questions. This is to ensure that you won’t just receive a one word or one sentence response. However, avoid including many questions since it is not an interview portion.

Do grammar and spell check on your first message. Avoid misspellings of common words like “hte”, “nad”, etc. Presence of these mistakes will make an implication that you are not serious with your message because you didn’t have time to re-check it.

Do not write general messages. Most likely, you won’t receive any response from it since it is a common malpractice of many online dating site members. Avoid template-approach in your messages. Do not use pick-up lines especially to female prospects. They hate it because you are making them cheap and the likes. Do not utilize text talk and too many abbreviations. These are too childish and some will have the hard time figuring out your message and will end up deleting your message.

Keep track of your online dating first message. If it doesn’t bring responses then there might be something wrong in it.

A well presented profile coupled with a well structured first message will bring success to your online dating. provides better matches compared to other dating sites. You might be meeting your lover and partner-to-be on this website. Sign up now!

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