Top 3 Preparations for Your First Offline Date

Top 3 Preparations for Your First Offline DateThe initial success of your online dating is when your prospect partner agrees to meet you personally. This is the most exciting part of your dating status just like in a traditional dating. However, in online dating you have an edge because you somehow have an idea about the person you are about to date offline. The first offline date is very important in the overall success of your online dating. It gives a positive impact in your relationship and will give way to bring your relationship into a higher level. You must give your best shot on this to ensure its success. As your partner will surely have his or her own preparation, here is a list of preparations that you shouldn’t forget in your first offline date.

Ensure your safety. Above anything else, you must see to it that you still observe the safety precautions. Do not be overwhelmed with the excitement of meeting your prospect partner face to face. Select a place where you are highly familiar with and must be a public place as much as possible. If you’re a woman, do not allow him to pick you up in your house or workplace because if your date didn’t go positively, you can cut all possible communications. Advise a trusted friend about your offline date and if possible bring one along with you. You may let your friend observe you in a distance during your date or call you in a specific time to check if everything is fine. Do not include alcohol in your menu because it lowers down your intuition regarding your date and can be an instrument to give way for a sexual assault. If the night is over, it is already over. Do not go to his place; likewise, do not allow him to take you home. Always remember that anyone can fabricate stories that would make you believe it’s true. Do not give your trust easily. Let your partner earn it in the next meetings.

Be yourself. Wear your best yet comfortable clothes. Do not try to impress your date by wearing fancy yet constricting garments. Sport the ones that are relaxing and would allow you to move freely. As much as possible, bring the looks that you’ve portrayed in your profile picture and description. Although you may improve it but avoid do not go over the limit to avoid unnecessary comment or reaction. Your date might be discouraged if you bring the look that he or she isn’t expecting to see.

Always prepare some lines of gratitude. Remember that both of you are still strangers to each other even if you are dating online for quite a long time. Each of you has exerted time and effort to make your first offline date possible. Do not forget to thank your partner as you part ways and always leave a sweet note.

The first offline date defines the future of your relationship. The better it goes the higher the chances of bringing your online dating into a sweet success.


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